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Creating Dispatch Pointers in C++

Applies to: MapObjects 2.0

When using MFC C++ and MO2 you need to create dispatch pointers. To do that you supply a class ID or GUID. Alternatively, you can supply a text description. This document lists the text descriptions used by MapObjects 2.0.

TEXT Strings Needed to CreateDispatch Pointers

Within a MFC application that uses MapObjects2 you may need to create a new MO object from scratch, that is, you will not be using an object that is returned from a function as shown below:

CMoRectangle m_rect( m_map.GetExtent() );

If you need a new MO object you will also need to create a new dispatch pointer to go with it, as shown below:

CMoRectangle m_rect;


The text string that is used to represent the MO GUID for the object in question is not always obvious. The following is a list of all createable MapObjects2 class descriptions.