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Determining the CharacterIndex of TrueType fonts

Applies to: MapObjects 2.0

This article describes how you can determine the CharacterIndex value of TrueType fonts.

When you're working with point features and want to symbolize them with TrueType fonts, for example, the ESRI fonts that come with MapObjects, you specify the CharacterIndex property to designate the character code in the Font associated with the Symbol. You can determine the CharacterIndex values for the symbols through trial and error or, if you have Microsoft Word, you can get the number that matches the symbol you want easily. Here's how to do it.

1.  In Word's Formatting toolbar, set the Style box to Normal.
2.  Set the Font box to the name of a TrueType font.
3.  In the Insert menu, select Symbol.
    You'll see the characters of the font in the Symbols tab.
4.  Move the mouse over the symbols; as you do so,
    you'll see the CharacterIndex value in Word's Status bar.

Optionally, you can use the Font Viewer utility provided here.