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Working with MS Access 2000

Applies to: MapObjects 2.0, Using JET to connect to an Access 2000 Database (*.MDB)

Microsoft Office 2000 was publicly released at the beginning of June 1999. The installation of Microsoft Access 2000 now installs and uses version 4.0 of Microsoft's Jet Database Engine, and version 3.6 of DAO.

MapObjects 2.0 uses DAO 3.5 for AddRelates and Table access. MS Access 2000 documentation clearly states that all previous versions of DAO are no longer supported in Access 2000.

Using ODBC to access your Access 2000 database works successfully, and avoids the following issues.  

The ESRI MapObjects Team is aware of these new topics with Office 2000 and will be providing an update in the near future.

Test Results: What this means for your MapObjects 2.0 application

After installation of Microsoft Office 2000, test results with MO 2.0 AddRelates using JET to Access 2000 follow:

Relates to dBase tables (after installing Office 2000) ----> OK

Relates to dBase tables imported into Access 2000 *.mdb ----> FAIL

Relates to Access97 tables opened in Access2000 (not converted) ----> OK

Relates to Access97 tables converted to Access2000 ----> FAIL

Relates to Access2000 *.MDB tables (newly-created in Access2K) ----> FAIL