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SDE Connection


SDE Tech Note 102: SDE connections takes longer on Windows NT

Last Update: 5/12/98

SDE connections takes longer on Windows NT (SDBsn67511)


Connecting to the sde server on NT takes apx. 8-9 seconds which is considerably longer comparing to unix (1-2 seconds). Delay in the connection has been isolated to the time taken in checking out the flexlm license.


Modify the LICENSE_SERVER entry at

SDE Version 3.0.1 for Oracle/Sqlserver->

to include the port number. Currently LICENSE_SERVER entry contains '@licensehostname' string. Modify the entry to include the port number specified in the license file (sde.lic) i.e. 'port@licensehostname'. By default 27005 is the assigned port number in the license file.


LICENSE_SERVER entry with the value '@parth' should be changed to '27005@parth'

Notes for sde version 3.0.2

Setup program for 3.0.2 final will alter your tcpip service parameter to eliminate the need to make the above change. But if you still experience the delay you may want to try the above solution.

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