What's new in ArcIMS 9.1


ArcIMS 9.1 ships with J2SE Run Time Environment (JRE) 1.4.2_06.

Duplicate sample data has been removed from the sample directory.

For a list of supported platforms, servlet engines, and Web servers, see System Requirements for ArcIMS.

Note:  Versions 9.0 and higher of ArcIMS must be registered before they can be used. The end result of the registration process is an authorization file that is used to enable the software for use. If you are an existing ArcIMS 9.0 user, you will have to get another authorization file to enable ArcIMS 9.1. To prevent any unnecessary downtime, please be sure to get your new 9.1 authorization file before you upgrade to 9.1.  To register in the United States, go to http://service.esri.com. If you are not in the United States, please call your local distributor to register your software. If the Internet is not an option, you can contact ESRI Customer Service or your local distributor to register and receive your 9.1 authorization file.

Spatial Server

A connectionCheckInterval parameter is newly added in aimssdeio.cfg. For Image and Feature services that use ArcSDE data, this parameter defines the time interval between attempts to reconnect to ArcSDE when the SDE server becomes unavailable. The default value for this parameter is 300 seconds. The file aimssdeio.cfg is located in $AIMSHOME/etc on UNIX and Linux and <ARCIMS_INSTALL>\Server\etc on Windows.

Querying dynamic layers is now supported.

The GIF license restriction has been removed from aimsms.cfg. A GIF license keycode is not required to output GIF images.

ArcIMS Image Server now supports the JPEG 2000 image format on Windows and Solaris, and MrSid Generation 3 on Windows, Solaris and Linux.

WMS Connector

Decimal degree calculations for scale dependencies are fixed.

The identify envelope calculation is fixed.

WMS Administrator provides a warning message for custom projections.

Oracle 10g application server is supported.

WFS Connector

Deployment similar to WMS Connector.

Supports WFS 1.0 specification.

Supports GML 2.1.2 and GML 3 Level 0.

Client-side support for WFS available in the Data Interoperability Extension.


The CS-W Connector provided with this release supports searching a Metadata Service using the  OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification v2.0 (CS-W). This connector translates CS-W queries into searches the Metadata Service can understand, then translates the Metadata Service's response into the appropriate CS-W format.

The OAI-PMH client and the OAI-PMH Connector can now be installed when installing ArcIMS and are partially configured by the post installation setup.

Changes in database schema and text indexing were made in both ArcIMS Metadata Services and ArcSDE XML columns for improved search performance.

Metadata search has more constrained rules.

You must upgrade Metadata Services from both 4.0.1 and 9.0 to 9.1, or create a new service and republish all documents.

To search a 9.1 Metadata Service, you must use the 9.1 version of clients. These include: ArcGIS Desktop, Metadata Explorer, and the Portal Toolkit.

For more information, see Appendix E in Creating and Using Metadata Services.


The following changes have been made to ArcXML.

Modifications to support dynamic queries

When using Image Services, dynamic layers can be queried when making a GET_FEATURES request. This functionality is not valid with ArcMap Image or Feature Services.

Modifications for Metadata Service elements

Changes to attribute names and values:

Other items of note

Java Connector

Oracle 10g Application Server is supported. However, there are some limits on this support.  They are,

1. To deploy the jspsamples and jspviewer, you may need to deploy it under an OJ4C instance. Deploying it directly under home may not work.

2. Sample 8.1 in the jspsamples for Java Connector requires that the Oracle 10g Application Server and ArcIMS be installed on the same machine.

A reaspect attribute has been added to the ENVELOPE element of the GET_IMAGE function.

The Metadata search has more constrained rules and checking.

The geocode class, AddressMatchInputs, contains new spelling sensitivity and geocode offset properties.

 A new class has been created, com.esri.aims.mtier.model.map.projection.Project, that converts geometry from one coordinate system to another. The ArcXML request for this is GET_PROJECT.

The method, setUseCentroid, with RasterMarkerSymbol is fixed.

Updates for WMS (1.1.1 specification) and Metadata Server support.


The correct Japanese characters are now returned in UNICODE.

The WMS Connector Administrator supports localization.

The WMS Administrator provides an option to set the Charset property.


The ArcXML Guide is provided only in HTML format.

The WMS Connector documentation is now located on the ESRI Software Documentation Library CD in the ArcIMS\Customizing_ArcIMS\Using_WMS_Connector directory. In this documentation, you will find information about administering WMS Services and sending WMS requests.

New user guide for WFS connector provided.


 Automated Web server - Servlet Engine configuration is available for:

- Apache 2.0.4x with ServletExec 5.0 (IBM AIX)

- Apache 2.0.4.x with Tomcat 5.0.28 (mod-jk2) (All Platforms)

- IIS with Tomcat 5.0.28 (Windows only)

- Oracle Application Server 10g (Linux)

- Sun Java System (Sun ONE) Webserver 6.1 sp2 (Linux, Solaris 8 & 9, AIX 5.1 & 5.2, and HP-UX)

- Sun One Application Server 7 (HP-UX)

- Weblogic 8.1 (IBM AIX)

 There are several new features available for installation, which will be automatically configured if you complete the Web server-Servlet engine configuration in the post installation setup.  These new features are: WFS Connector and WMS Connector for Application Servers, and the OAI-PMH client and CS-W and OAI-PMH connectors for Metadata.